Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dobroslovich's Farm

The property adjacent to Collignon's was owned by the Dobroslovich family and was an active farm. Mr. Dobroslovich would work on this property from morning to night and raise some of the nicest vegetables that you could find. He had a little stand in front of the house where he would sell his produce to the passersby on River Vale Road. He surely worked very hard and very long for whatever he got out of it.

Other Places

During the early 30's there was a big baseball field on the southwest corner of the four corners. I can remember baseball being played there on Sunday afternoons with organized teams from the area. First time I ever saw baseball being played with people actually wearing uniforms.

On the southeast corner there was a big field, probably a couple of acres, that was at times filled with nice, big strawberries. These were grown by a family named Lentz who lived in a big old house on the property facing Westwood Ave. After the strawberry era, someone used the field for growing gladiolus which were then trucked to New York City and sold in a flower market over there.

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