Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sears Roebuck "Pre-Cut" Houses

In looking back at our little town, I am reminded that it seems as though every corner in the road, every bridge, every house had a name assigned to it. The corners in the road were usually given the name of the family living closest to the corner. Names such as Leslie's corner, Ford's corner, Fondiller's corner or Lachmund's bridge, Overbrook bridge, Slunski's bridge, Leslie's bridge, Fondiller's bridge were "assigned" to these places. Not necessarily an official name, but one give to the place by the locals to describe or identify a particular place. Almost every house had a name too, most always the name of the family living in that house. Not always, however. Sometimes the name of the original owner stuck with the house regardless of who was living there at the time.

There were several Sears Roebuck "pre cut" houses throughout the town and it took awhile for them to wear off the name "Sears Roebuck houses." They are still standing. At that time, one could purchase a house right out of the Sears Roebuck catalogue and have them construct it or even - if you wanted - build it yourself.

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